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Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Hi my name is Grecia like the country Greece but in spanish, its a long story, lets just say my mom was in love with Greek mythology and I'm a product of her love. I was born and raised in a little hood called "Los Pinos" ( The pine trees) like 30 minutes from Centro Habana. I grew up surrounded by cigar smoke, candles, fruit and animal offerings and bunch of herbs hitting my face every time my abuela (grandma) thought it was a good time for a despojo ( cleansing/limpia). all that went on until i was 10, at that age my mom became a born again christian, and with that transition I had to say good bye to my dreams of being a dancer (cause decent christian girls don't shake their behind) and also my " imaginary friends" , meaning all the spirits I used to see and talk to. at the age of 19 i left my house and moved all the way to South America, there I reunited with my father, he never stop practicing, he kept the tradition alive for me to tap in, but first i had to deprogram and open my mind and my heart back up. It was a process that I will share with you guys in other blogs. Now i just wanna say thank you for checking out my page and even reading this. Thank you for the love and support. Happy 2019!!!

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