New Year.......New me??

The mos profitable month for most gyms is January. Why? Because is one of the most popular " New Year's resolutions". How many of us have said: This year I will loose weight. This year I will be more healthy. This Year is my year woohooo. A month later we are sitting in the couch, with a pint of ice cream and binge watching our favorite show. Baby I'm not judging, I've done it over and over again. I'm gonna share with you my opinion and what had worked for me.

Learning about the moon cycles and knowing that the astrological year actually starts March 21, was of big big help, why? because setting goals when we supposed to be resting and hibernating , just like nature does every winter is hard. Then we get the sense of failure, and that doesn't make it easier. If we were to constantly set small goal every new moon, release it every full moon, it will create a good habit of goal setting, and it will take the load off our shoulders every January 1st.

Another thing that really helped me was realizing that most of the time I was standing in my own way, because of subconscious fear of " being great" rooted from my childhood and adolescence. I'm pretty sure we all hear things growing up like: You are never gonna be nobody. Whats wrong with you?? Who do you think you are? You gonna end up just like your daddy/momma!! You got no chance, etc etc etc etc....... We all have been victim of other people projecting their fears unto us, then we believed it and made it part of our thought process. The Emotional Baggage Claim course developed by Alex will ( ig:@alexwill64) helped me realize the pattern. Because some of us don't have the "will power" or strong mind to just drop bad habits. So I strongly recommend to take a look at that course, its completely free, just head over to and take a look at it, you wont regret it.

Instead of new year, new me. Let it be: New moon, who dissssss?? Every 28 days we have a chance to set a goal and crush it, every 28 days we have a chance to release unwanted baggage, over and over again until its done. Hope this help someone out there. Bliss-ings to all!!

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